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Adonis & Heather Lenzy
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Radio interviews with Susie Larson on Faith Radio

Moving Towards Your Next

A powerful message that will greatly inspire and encourage you to keep moving towards your dreams.

Mind Monsters

Adonis clearly illustrates in a humorous way on how to identify and avoid the mind monsters that are always lurking around.

Love Busters

A powerful illustrated message on how easy it is to let things interfere with our relationship with God.

No More Childish Things

Adonis uses everyday common children’s equipment to put forth a challenging message.

Who Are You Running With?

Adonis speaks on the story of Samson and the pitfalls of wrong influence.

Overcoming the Obstacles

Adonis uses the powerful true story of Derek Redmond, an Olympic Athlete to illustrate the message of overcoming obstacles.

Time 2 Change

A great teaching on how change can be the key ingredient to reaching your destiny.

Increasing Your Capacity

A very practical word that challenges everyone to grow in their capacity in order to walk in their God given destiny.