My Bucket List Book – Autographed Copy

My Bucket List Book – Autographed Copy


Whatever goal you write down must be something that you are totally committed to accomplishing no matter what. Be specific and clarify exactly what you want to do. Make sure this is your goal and not someone else’s goal for you. It must be your goal because you are the only one that can make it happen. You are the one that is going to have to put in all the hard work, time and energy to accomplish it.

You are 42% more like to achieve your goal simply by writing it down.

That’s what this pocket book is all about: setting goals and being committed to accomplishing them.

Inside, you will find a simple yet proven way to accomplish those goals in your bucket list. You will also find multiple pages with room for you to write out all your goals.

  1. Write down the goal.
  2. List action steps that will make it possible.
  3. Take action and record your progress.
  4. Give it a deadline.
  5. Celebrate your accomplishment.
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