The Very Moment I Stood In The Footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King

The Very Moment I Stood In The Footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King

Every now and then we all have those “Moments” in our life in which perspective takes over our consciousness and our awareness extends beyond ourselves and reaches into the possibilities that our life can make a difference for others.

Several years ago my wife Heather and I had the opportunity to go to Washington DC with our friends Chris & Amy.  We had never been to DC and we were so excited about the trip.  We were only going to be there for a couple of days so we mapped out the sites that we wanted to see.

The one place for sure I knew I wanted to visit was the Lincoln Memorial.   Just so happen, my good friend Josh, who works in DC, was able to meet us at the Memorial on one of the days we were there.

He showed us around and pointed out the different landmarks to us.  As Heather and I sat down on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, my friend pointed to the actual place on the landing in which Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood to give the “I Have A Dream” speech.  He said, “most people wouldn’t even know it was there if someone didn’t point it out for them.”  I immediately knew I had to go and stand in the footsteps of Greatness.

Here are a few thoughts and questions that immediately bombarded my mind as I stood where Dr. King once stood and changed the world forever…

1) I’m standing in a place where a human being just like myself was able to impact the world in his time and beyond his life.

2) He made an ultimate sacrifice and paid the price so that I could have a better life and way of living today.

3) What can I do that will make an impact of this magnitude on this world?

4) If Dr. King had never stood here, how many others would have never been able to stand where they did?

5) What lasting legacy will I leave behind for my children?

6) Will someone stand where I’ve stood one day and think similar thoughts and ask questions that will motivate them to do more than what they are doing?

7) Dear God, please use me the way that you used Dr. King.

I had many more thoughts about that day as I held the hand of my beautiful wife Heather (Caucasian) as we walked down the street to eat at a public place with my friend Josh (Hispanic).

Thank you Dr. King for bringing the world together

So thankful for the Dream….

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