I Wrote A Post About My Wife Heather

I Wrote A Post About My Wife Heather

I woke up this morning feeling overwhelmingly blessed that I am married to such an Amazing Woman. I’ve been married to Heather for over 10 years and it just keeps getting better. It’s so awesome how God can take two people who are opposites in many ways and put them together on a journey and bless them with a wonderful family. You can read more about our relationship journey in our book, Dating In Black & White.

So today I decided to blog about my wife. Here are just a few things about her that I love so much.

1. She’s Beautiful Inside and Out.
Of course you can tell by her picture that I married Waaaaaayyyyy Up. Her beauty goes beyond her skin and she is one of the most kind-hearted people who I know. She never has a bad word to say about anyone. She genuinely cares and believes the best in you.

2. She’s an Amazing Wife & Mother.
Our family would be lost without her. She keeps me and the kids on track and in line. I may be the head of my house but she is definitely the Neck that turns the head.

3. She is Super Smart.

You may not know this, but my wife is a Forensic Scientist. Once again, I married way up. She is very intelligent and will be able to help the kids with their future homework far beyond the help that I will be….LOL.

4. She Sees the Other Side of Me and Still Loves Me.
She loves me unconditionally. As a Pastor it’s real easy for everyone to assume that you are perfect and never have a bad day or do anything wrong. Well that’s not true at all. My wife is a strong Woman of God who is able to put up with this preacher even when he’s not acting like he should. Trust me, she sees a side of me that no one gets to see. Sometimes I get in a bad mood or just plain cranky. I make mistakes and plenty of them. When that happens, Heather will just grab my hand and say, “Lord please help my preacher Husband.” Bam, just like that I’m back in check and everything is OK…lol.

5. She’s Very Creative.
She is like the MacGyver of crafting. She can take a piece of cardboard, a glue stick and a pair of scissors and come up with a kid’s birthday party that looks like Vacation Bible School. Trust me, she did it for our kids birthday party.

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