A Great America

A Great America

Our son loves for us to roll down his window so he can wave his American Flag in the wind.  It’s a small American Flag that he was given at a Veterans Day parade in our community.  As I looked at him for a moment I had an overwhelming sense that it was my responsibility to instill values into him that would ensure that he would still be waiving that flag proudly 20 years from now.

In that moment I wrote down several statements to share with my son…

1. To Honor, respect and pray for the president of the United States and all governing officials and those in authority.  Never speak ill of those in authority.

2. To be responsible for and respect his right to freedom of speech.  To use his freedom of speech in a positive way to speak words to build people and our nation up and not tear them down.  Do not let your freedom of speech lead you beyond moral decency.  Just because you think it, doesn’t mean you have to say it.

3. This is the land of the free and All men are created equal. Never look down on others because of their differences.

4. Always remember that many people paid a great price by sacrificing their own lives so that you can enjoy your freedom.  Live a life that honors their sacrifice and not one that dishonors it.  Live a life that makes their sacrifice worth the price that was paid.

5. Be proud to be an American. Always know that the Greatness of America is dependent upon your participation.  Do good to others, be kind and generous, respect your elders, and be a great example for others to follow.

6. Our Country has been through attacks, acts of terrorism and has lost many innocent lives.  I’m not sure what our Country will look like in 20 years but I do know that our flag will still wave…God Bless America.

7. Being of two races, you are evident and living proof that our Country has come a long way and will continue to make even greater progress.  Abide by its laws, be a model citizen and exercise your right to Vote.

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