Your Fit Doesn’t Move God

Your Fit Doesn’t Move God

The other day my little daughter was in the food pantry trying to grab one of her snacks. When I walked up on her I pulled her away from the pantry and closed the door. You can see her immediate reaction from the picture above. She threw a fit. Now that’s to be expected from a 1 year old but when you’re an adult it definitely puts you in a whole different category.

You must learn that just because something doesn’t work out like you planned, doesn’t mean that it will never work out. Going into a fit throwing mode will only prolong events from happening in your life. There is nothing worse than a grown adult acting childish when they don’t get their way. No, they don’t kick and scream and fall out on the floor like my 1 year old did, but they can be rude, cold and downright mean. If this describes you, then it’s time to stop. If this describes someone you know, then pray for them.

I can’t help but wonder how many times God has closed a door in front of us to protect us, only to have us react in a childish way. He definitely knows what’s best for us and our reaction is what will determine how quickly we can get to the desired destination. If we throw a fit, then no doubt He will let us take all the time we need. Your fit doesn’t move God, your faith does. So, no matter what happens on your journey in life, trust in Him to lead you and guide you along the way.

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