A Turkey That Touched Our Hearts

A Turkey That Touched Our Hearts

So my wife I and I decided that we were going to travel to Denver Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with some very dear friends of ours. The Weldon family used to live in our community and were a part of our Church for years and they recently moved to Denver. Our families have built a special bond with one another and our children love their children very much.

We reached out to the Weldons in advance to see what they thought about it. They were just as excited as we were and we each decided that we would not tell our kids about it and we would keep it a surprise. It was very hard to keep that from the kids but we did. Heather and I told our kids the night before and they acted like they just hit the jackpot. Robert & Denise Weldon said that it would be perfect since we would arrive while their kids were at school and we would surprise them by waiting at their bus stops.

It was awesome. We totally surprised their kids while our kids were waiting at the bus stops. We loved every minute of it. Now something that really touched our hearts happened when the Weldon’s youngest daughter, Destiny, stepped down off the bus. Well, she saw us even before she got off the bus and was so excited that she almost got off the bus without her backpack. Destiny is a very precious child with special needs and never skips a beat. She brings a smile to everyone she comes in contact with.

Now when Destiny got off the bus, she was carrying a paper turkey which was her school project for that day. The turkey is the one in the picture. She placed names on each feather of family and friends that were dear to her. When she got off the bus and after all the hugs, she showed us the turkey she had made and said, “Look, I even wrote y’alls names on my turkey.” We saw each of our names on the turkey and the tears began to flow.

It was a special moment and Heather and I looked at each other and knew we made the right decision regarding our Thanksgiving travel plans. We sure do love the Weldons and it’s so special when God places people in your life and knits your hearts together.

So this Thanksgiving here’s a friendly reminder to be thankful for friends, family and loved ones and make sure you let them know how special they are.

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