God, Grayson and Me: A Life Lesson I Will Never Forget

God, Grayson and Me: A Life Lesson I Will Never Forget

I was going through my normal nightly routine with the kids at their bed time. I usually go in to each of their rooms and pray with them and then lay down for a few minutes with each one. When I laid down with my oldest, he had so much to talk about as he was telling me all about his day at kindergarten.

As I lay there I lost track of time and had this overwhelming sense of love for him as he poured out his heart with every detail about his time at school. You see, being in kindergarten is a big deal for my son Grayson and I felt so special because he was sharing his experience with me. He would have talked to me for an hour but I knew he needed to go to bed and get his rest. He wasn’t asking me for anything, he was simply having a conversation that melted my heart and made time stand still. I just laid there and listened while holding back the tears as I could feel that he was excited to be talking to his daddy about his day.

All of a sudden I could feel as if God whispered to me and said, “Now you know how I feel when My children sit and talk to Me.”

I was wrecked……..


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