When Your Idea Is Beyond Your Skill Set

When Your Idea Is Beyond Your Skill Set

Question: What do you do when your idea is outside of your skill set?

Answer: You reach out to someone with that skill set that can help you.

About a year ago I had an idea for a song and I wrote it down. I ended up writing all the words and saved it to my computer. I didn’t do anything with it because I told myself I was not a songwriter. Well that pretty much stopped me for a whole year. Each time I looked at the song, all I could hear were my own words confirming what I wasn’t.

So many people have some great ideas but they talk themselves out of them because those ideas are outside of their current skill set and ability. You’ve probably heard people say things like:

I’m not a business person.

I’m not that smart. I’m not talented.

I’m not tech savvy. I’m not good with money.

I’m not a good husband. I’m not a good mom.

And the list goes on and on and on…………

Stop Telling Yourself That You’re NOT

Here’s the truth; or what I’ve come to believe. When an idea comes to you that’s outside of your current ability, then maybe that idea is the catalyst that will eventually turn you into the person that you said you were NOT.

Well finally I decided to quit telling myself that I was not a song writer and I reached out for some help. In the photo is the very talented Jenn Bostic who helped me with my very first song writing session. This is where we actually put some music and structure to my song. I’ll keep you all posted on how this venture is going.

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