Easy Ways To Connect With Adonis

So a lot of people have been asking how they can keep up with me and what’s going on in my world.  Here’s how: Like my public Facebook page. Request to join my private Facebook group called Next Step. Listen to and subscribe to my Podcast.  It’s also available in iTunes. Subscribe to my Blog […]

What The Heck Are You Still Doing Driving A Cab?

This is an excerpt from my book Next in chapter 15 “No Risk No Reward” Thinking about doing something is different than actually doing it. Don’t get stuck in a thought process of trying to figure everything out. As my grandma used to say, “If you think long, you think wrong.” Usually when you think […]

New Season for the Lenzys

New seasons can be the gateway to the Next thing that God has in store for you. New seasons might begin with a step of faith in the direction that you feel God is calling you. New seasons can also bring change. Change can be good. Change can be scary. But change is always necessary […]

Some Of You Just Need To Stop!

STOP worrying about stuff that is out of your control.  Let it go and focus on moving forward. STOP trying to make everybody happy.  It’s not worth it and it will only drain you emotionally. STOP complaining about your current situation and start doing something to make it better.  If you want change, you have […]

The Very Moment I Stood In The Footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King

Every now and then we all have those “Moments” in our life in which perspective takes over our consciousness and our awareness extends beyond ourselves and reaches into the possibilities that our life can make a difference for others. Several years ago my wife Heather and I had the opportunity to go to Washington DC […]

5 Things You Should Do After Midnight 2017

It’s a brand new year.  Now What? Got plans to make this a great 2017? Here are 5 things you should do after midnight 2017. 1. Thank God for bringing you through another year. I know for some it could have been a rough year and things didn’t go as planned.  The silver lining is […]

4 Things You Should Expect Every Day in 2017

Some people never achieve anything because they simply don’t expect to.  Others have a fear of expecting good things to happen because they can’t bear the thought of disappointment if their expectation is not met.  Whatever the case may be, it’s time to enlarge your expectation and dare to dream bigger. Here Are 4 Things […]

5 Facts About Santa Claus That Could Improve Your Hustle

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Yeah, that’s right.  It’s that time of year where you take the kids to the store just to stand in a long line and get a picture with Santa.  It’s an adventure and you just never know how it will all turn out.  The picture in the […]