THANK YOU from the Lenzy Family!

Its been a long 2 weeks for our family as many of you know that me and my wife Heather each had our Grandmother pass away, and both within 7 days of one another.  Thankfully they both were Christians and lived a good long life.  They are hanging with Jesus now and maybe they will […]

What Makes YOU So Different?

The other day I spoke at a business luncheon for sales professionals. My presentation was on maximizing your uniqueness. It was a great luncheon and I had a lot of fun with the group. One of my key points was centered on the thought of what is it that makes you stand out in a […]

3 Things I Learned From Our Recent Move

We just recently sold our home after living in it for over 7 years.  It’s amazing how many things you accumulate as a family over the years. The material things and the memories had certainly piled up in every space and closet in our home. We had some things that we labeled: Junk Keeper Why […]

When Your Idea Is Beyond Your Skill Set

Question: What do you do when your idea is outside of your skill set? Answer: You reach out to someone with that skill set that can help you. About a year ago I had an idea for a song and I wrote it down. I ended up writing all the words and saved it to […]

How I Handled My First Bad Book Review

So the thing I feared wasn’t that bad at all. Being a new author and just now starting out with writing books, it was no surprise to me that anxiety and fear of what others would think about my work would no doubt try to stop me. I’ve spoken with several well-known authors and they […]

Dear Dr. King, Last Night I Talked To My Son About You

Dear Martin Luther King Jr., First of all I’d like to wish you a Happy Birthday and say thank you for all you have done to help bring racial reconciliation to the world. Your work and legacy still provides much inspiration and motivation to many around the world. Last night my five-year old began to […]

5 Distractions To Watch Out For In 2016

It happens without fail: the moment you make up your mind to start moving toward your dreams or goals, you will invariably encounter resistance, setbacks, and failures on your journey. Now, don’t freak out. These circumstances are all just a part of the process, and they will happen a time or two while you’re on […]